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What is Clues?
CLUES is a powerful new way to understand why you, your partner, family and co-workers think, act and feel the way you do offering real-world tools and tips to help you get along better, avoid conflict and enrich your home and work relationships. Read more

Who can use Clues assessment?
The Clues plan caters to a wide range of audience. You can use the clues assessment for the entire family or if you are parents of young children or teens.  If you are couple exploring a new relationship or strengthening an established one, clues has an assessment for your needs.
Looking to work effectively with your co-workers and team members? Take our proven clues assessment for business to improve interpersonal dynamics and create effective working relationships.

What are the benefits of using Clues assessment technique?
Our relationships define us. We constantly try to relate effectively to the people in our lives: a child, a parent, a partner, a co-worker or boss. One thing that can go a long way to help us effectively manage these relationships is to understand each others strengths, gift, personality and style.
Clues will help you do just that! Clues personality assessments will help you master your relationship. Get the most of your time together, your career, love relationships and family life.

How do I sign up for an assessment?
It is very easy to take a clues assessment.  All our assessments are available online. Click on Plans on the menu bar at the top of our page and select the plan which is right for your needs. There are plans for parents, individuals, couples, business and families.
You take the survey online after you have purchased your CLUES plan. The assessment takes only 11 minutes and you  will have immediate access to your results. Each of your family members can take there assessment when it is convenient for them.

Is the Clues assessment available online?
Yes! The clues assessment is available online and can be accessed from any computer at home or work.
My organization is interested. How can they administer Clues assessment?
Our assessments are available online. Your organizations can buy these assessments for individuals, co-workers or teams.

What happens after I complete a clues assessment?
After you complete an assessment our sophisticated system generates a personalized handbook to help you understand your personality type and put clues into action.