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Think Better. Relate Better. Work Better. 
Subtle Change, Big Impact

Today the velocity of change is unparalleled. The workplace demands high performance, agility and just-in-time knowledge. Effective 
interaction is an imperative. Get in front. Develop the most important assets that you have, “PEOPLE.”

CLUES taps into untapped talent.
It finds what makes individuals and teams
remarkable. It identifies potential gaps. It generates
instant, salient advice.

Whether it is to improve collaboration, leadership
or productivity, CLUES is a must for every
working person, team and organization.

11 Minutes is all it takes

CLUES is simple to use. Just a few questions and the tool will instantly deliver actionable insights for individuals and the whole team.  It will be the cornerstone of your personal brand and your team culture. It defines what tasks fit.

You will never forget who you are,
we guarantee it! 99% of your team will
remember the Style of their other team members
a year down the road.  Who would not remember
that Steve Jobs was a Visionary
or that Nelson Mandela was and Inspirer
or that James Bond is an Experiencer?