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Do you need insights to make you more effective and happier at work? It's time to invest in you.

Use CLUES as your starting point. It is a tool that will give you client insight and reports that you can use for your business.

Understand your colleague - how you are the same and how you are different. Plus, we'll give you CLUES to relate and partner better.

Build on personalities, smarts and insights. CLUES will enhance team, partnerships and individual performance.

Welcome to CLUES

CLUES is a powerful talent building tool. 44 Questions, 11 minutes a roadmap to high function, high performance individuals and teams. It's different. It works.


CLUES explores 3 critical dimensions:

  • Individual and team strengths
  • potential blind spots
  • work style (thinking style, communication style and operating style)
It begins with a short, cloud-based assessment - based on Jungian theory but modernized for today.


CLUES Field Notes are all about ACTION. Fit is essential!

Reports are broken into "How To" sections for easy reference such as:

  • Productivity Boosters that Align with Strengths
  • Stress Management
  • Influencing and Relating to Other Styles
  • Motivation Triggers by Style


A 2015 study done by Harvard concludes that only 10% of people on teams actually know what they are supposed be doing. Work life is all about teams and projects.

With CLUES instant mapping capabilities, it is an ideal tool, a cornerstone to optimize group collaboration and effectiveness.

Today the velocity of change is unparalleled. The workplace demands high performance, agility and just-in-time knowledge. Great interaction is an imperative. Get in front. Develop the most important assets that you have, “PEOPLE.”